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Friends and Partners

Updated Links — Coming Soon !

It’s always nice to Get Out, it’s even better when you’re out sharing good times with good friends.

Here are some of our friends websites :

TriRight Coaching
MJ Gasik is the Lead Coach and Owner of Tri Right Coaching. She’s a dynamite coach and committed to helping her team and friends be the best athlete that they can be.

I can’t say enough good things about CAMBr and their dedication to Mountain Biking in the Chicago Area, and when I say mountain biking, I mean single track that will keep challenging you. Get out and ride the Palos Triangle, it’s awesome.  

Shapps Photography
Besides being an incredible photographer, Greg Shapps is the man who introduced the MS 150 to me. The Tour de Farms changed my perspective on riding a road bike. 


Check back, we’re always making new friends. Message me if you’d like to be considered for the partners list.